Camp 2018:

Dear campers and parents,


We welcome you to another year of camp, which is the culmination of our year-long scouting program. This year (2018) camp will be held July 14 - 28 for Belochki/Volchata and Razvedchitzi/Razvedchiki in Laytonville, CA.

In order to participate in the camp, all scouts are required to be current members of one of our druzhini – either Kiev (Northern California), or Nizhni Novgorod (Southern California).

You should have received your annual dues/medical request form earlier in the year from your druzhina. If you are new to St. George Pathfinders, and have not received or filled out any of the required paperwork, please contact to discuss the possibility of joining the organization before the camp.

One of the prerequisites for attending the camp is to have attended scout meetings and events during the year. If you have not been attending our scout meetings during the year, please contact your camp leader as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of re-admittance into the program.

There are several informational sheets as well as forms in this packet. Please read through these carefully before sending your child to camp, and contact if you have any questions about the information.

Come join us and experience the great outdoors.

Looking forward to seeing you in camp!


About Camp:

Our camp is located in Laytonville, CA, approximately 170 miles north of San Francisco off Highway 101, on the beautiful Eel River.

We offer a wonderful scouting program for kids ages 7-17 where kids enjoy living in the great outdoors; hiking, swimming, cooking, singing at the campfires, learning about nature, while maintaining close ties to their Russian Culture and Heritage.